About the Office of Research and Graduate Studies


The mission of USU’s Office of Research and Graduate Studies (RGS) is to facilitate a culture of excellence in research, scholarship and creative activity that spans the lifecycle of faculty and students through operational, training, funding and compliance support.


Seven core values guide the way in which RGS executes its mission and formulates its key strategic goals and strategies. In the way a mission statement informs what RGS does, these values define how it is best accomplished.

Goals and Strategies

Learn more about our goals in the annual report.

  • Enhance researcher capacity and productivity.
  • Champion a culture of safety, compliance and integrity.
  • Support Technology Transfer efforts.
  • Enhance quality, quantity and inclusiveness of USU’s graduate students and programs.
  • Enhance USU’s undergraduate research program.


The Office of Research and Graduate Studies has 63 full-time employees and is led by Vice President for Research and Dean of Graduate Studies.

RGS oversees nine divisions, each working to support the RGS mission and strategic goals.

  • Animal Care and Use
  • Environmental Health and Safety
  • Graduate and Undergraduate Research
  • Integrity and Compliance
  • Institutional Review Board
  • Research Development
  • School of Graduate Studies
  • Sponsored Programs
  • Technology Transfer Services

RGS also coordinates the USU Research Council and Graduate Council.

View the Executive Team members or the full organizational chart to learn more about the organization of RGS.