Graduate Mentor of the Year Award

The University Outstanding Graduate Mentor Award recognizes faculty excellence in the complex process of mentoring graduate students to prepare them for productive careers.

Nominees should be effective advisors who facilitate degree completion, model sound scholarship and ethical behavior, help students understand and benefit from departmental and university resources, provide emotional support, offer constructive criticism, and involve students in publishing and other professional activities.

The $2,000 award is presented at the RGS Gala, as well as recognition in the printed Commencement program.

Patricia Moyer-Packenham, recipient of the 2018 USU Outstanding Graduate Mentor of the Year Award

Moyer-Packenham is a professor and director of the Mathematics Education and Leadership Program in the School of Teacher Education and Leadership. She has mentored hundreds of graduate students in research, publications, presentations, grants and dissertations. She has obtained over $16 million in grants and contracts that included funding for 23 different graduate students. She’s served as the chair or committee member for 23 students with completed PhDs and four students with completed EdS/master’s degrees. She is currently chair or committee member on 22 PhD committees. She has also written countless recommendation letters to help her students earn university positions, funded awards and other recognitions. According to her students, Moyer-Packenham’s mentoring focus is always on their success. As a graduate mentor, she not only helps her students to reach their academic goals but also forms lifelong relationships with them.  Students say Moyer-Packenham’s mentorship is also accomplished through demonstrating research excellence. She received her PhD from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and obtained full professorship within 11 years of beginning her career. Her research focuses on uses of mathematics representations and tools. She is often referenced for her expertise in teaching and research using physical and virtual manipulatives.  Moyer-Packenham has published two books and over 70 scholarly contributions, including journal articles, book chapters, refereed proceedings and contributions to mathematics methods textbooks.

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