Project Description

Andreas Malmendier

College of Science

Mathematics and Statistics

Andreas Malmendier joined USU’s Department of Mathematics and Statistics as an assistant professor in 2014. Since his arrival, Andreas is proud to have mentored numerous undergraduates.

Under his supervision, Andreas’ students have earned impressive accolades for their research, including: two Goldwater Scholarships, two Cryptoanalysis Summer Internships with the National Security Agency, one USU Capstone Thesis of the Year Award, one College of Science valedictorian, one USU Scholar of the Year Award and four USU research grants. In addition to these awards, Andreas’ students have presented at 15 national conferences and departmental colloquia and have published or submitted three articles for peer-reviewed research publication. Andreas holds a PhD in Mathematics (MIT) and a Masters in Theoretical Physics (University of Bonn).

Using his interdisciplinary background, Andreas is able to connect with undergraduate students from different scientific backgrounds and introduce them to the beauty and rigor of pure mathematics research. A committed advocate for broadening participation in STEM, Andreas is proud that 50 percent of his students are gender minorities in STEM.

He was awarded the USU Distinguished Capstone Mentor Award in 2018 and is the two-time winner of the Undergraduate Mentor of the Year Award from the Department of Mathematics and Statistics.

Andreas Malmendier