Project Description

Christine Rohal

S.J. & Jessie E. Quinney College of Natural Resources

Doctoral Student Researcher of the Year

Christine is a PhD candidate in Ecology in the Department of Watershed Sciences. She began her ecological studies at New College of Florida where she received her bachelors. Then, after pursing an interest in ecological restoration that took her from the beaches of Florida to the Grand Canyon and San Francisco’s Golden Gate National Recreation Area, Christine joined Dr. Karin Kettenring’s Wetland Ecology lab at Utah State. Her research focuses on applied questions related to restoring plant communities that have been degraded by invasive plants. Christine is passionate about partnering with land managers in ecological research design and implementation. She has worked to include managers in her research and to communicate her findings to diverse management audiences. In her spare time, Christine enjoys practicing yoga, cooking, hiking, camping, and rockhounding.