Project Description

Daniel T Drost

College of Agriculture and Applied Sciences

Plants, Soils, and Climate

Dr. Dan Drost is a Professor of Horticulture and Extension Vegetable Specialist in the Department of Plants, Soils and Climate at Utah State University.

Dan grew up on a diverse crop-livestock farm in Western Michigan where he learned the meaning of hard work and how to trouble shoot problems. He earned a BS in Agricultural Education (1979) and MS in Horticulture (1982) from Michigan State University. After teaching at Massey University, New Zealand (1983-87), he completed his PhD in Vegetable Physiology at Cornell University (1991).

Dan has worked at Utah State University since 1992 where he helps Utah’s vegetable industry remain competitive and sustainable. His responsibilities include efforts in extension, research and teaching that addresses plant growth and crop production issues that impact Utah’s commercial vegetable farms. In his 26-years at Utah State University, he has shared his failures, successes, and learning opportunities with undergraduate researchers.

Each undergraduate mentored had many “learning” opportunities and each one was memorable. They helped conduct cutting edge science, assisted Utahan improve their vegetable gardens, and were able to share their leaning with others. Without the assistance of undergraduate and (future) graduate students, much of Dan’s work would not have been accomplished.

Daniel T. Drost