Project Description

Jessica Gough

College of Agriculture and Applied Sciences

Nutrition, Dietetics, and Food Sciences

Jessica Gough is a senior at Utah State University pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in the coordinated dietetics program which includes a dietetic internship. Her internship hours involve a variety of rotations in medical, food service, and community nutrition, with her favorite area in pediatric nutrition. Jessica grew up in Richmond, Utah to parents Tim and Lora Smith.

As a local resident of Cache Valley, she loves staying involved with the community through coaching young girls in basketball and working with adults with neurodevelopmental disabilities. In her spare time, Jessica enjoys mountain biking, playing intramural sports, cooking, reading, and exploring new hiking trails with her spouse, Joseph Gough.

Jessica’s interest in research began her senior year of high school while completing an internship as a research assistant for a human feeding trial. Upon coming to USU, she continued her research involvement assisting in a variety of nutrition related research projects. Currently, she is working with a team of USU researchers to explore the barriers and assets to healthy nutrition among populations of refugees in the US. Jessica has also worked for the university as an undergraduate teaching fellow (UTF) and was awarded as the Outstanding UTF for the College of Agriculture and Applied Sciences this past year.

Jessica Gough