Project Description

Lauren Tango

S.J. & Jessie E. Quinney College of Natural Resources

Environment and Society

Lauren is a Senior in Environmental Studies with a Minor in Geographic Information Science. After starting college at a young age, traveling the world, and receiving an Associate of Arts degree in Outdoor Recreation Leadership, she decided to return to school to gain necessary skills to enact real change for preservation of lands that she had grown to love.

At Utah State University, she has been privileged to work with Dr. Christopher Lant and Dr. Sarah Klain on Undergraduate Research Projects. The project with Dr. Lant, and the one she has been involved with longest, is part of a greater NSF-funded project to map the food, water, and energy web of the United States so every person can see where their food and energy comes from.

She has also been honored with the opportunity to present this research at the Utah Conference on Undergraduate Research and Research on Capitol Hill. She will co-author a future paper on this collective research as well. She is excited to graduate in May and take the incredible research and academic skills she has learned at USU out into the world to preserve this beautiful planet we call home.

Lauren Tango