Project Description

Nan Jiang

College of Science

Doctoral Student Researcher of the Year

Nan Jiang is a senior PhD candidate in Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. Prior to her matriculation at USU, she obtained her B.S. in Chemistry with a minor in Biotech (2010) and M.S. (2013) with honors in Inorganic Chemistry from Jilin University, China. Nan’s graduate research focuses on developing competent electrocatalysts and new strategies for water splitting with renewable energy input, in order to covert those intermittent renewable energy sources into chemical forms, like H2. Furthermore, she has developed novel electrocatalytic systems to integrate the H2 evolution reaction with electrocatalytic biomass upgrading, which will produce two types of valuable products simultaneously, H2 at the cathode and upgraded organic product(s) at the anode. As a graduate student, she devotes all her enthusiasm to her projects and makes achievements in her academic research. During the PhD program, she has published 16 peer-reviewed papers. Two of them were highlighted on the covers of journals and also reported USU Today. Besides multiple publications in academic journals, two intellectual patents have also been applied based on her research work. Because of these achievements, Nan won numerous awards and fellowships. She also presented her research multiple times at both national and international conferences.