Project Description

Sarah Lopez

College of Engineering

Graduate Student Teacher of the Year

Sarah Lopez is a graduate student at Utah State University, pursuing a PhD in Engineering Education and a Masters in Electrical Engineering. She graduated from Oklahoma Christian University in 2016 with degrees in Computer Engineering and Math Education. As a graduate student, she has worked as a TA and lab coordinator, preparing lab equipment and exercises and overseeing a team of undergraduate TAs. In the fall of 2017, she served as the instructor of record for ENGR 2210, Fundamental Electronics for Engineers. In addition to working as a teaching assistant and temporary instructor, she is currently engaged in multiple research projects in the Engineering Education and Electrical Engineering departments exploring spatial ability in blind and low vision students, assessing the preparedness of secondary science teachers to address required engineering standards, and improving artifact rejection in electroencephalography (EEG) signals. When not in school, Sarah enjoys hiking in the mountains, volunteering with FIRST robotics programs, and spending time at home with her husband.