Project Description

Zhi-Qiang Wang

College of Science

Mathematics and Statistics

A professor in USU’s Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Zhi-Qiang’s research ranges from abstract theory in nonlinear functional analysis to applied analysis and computational mathematics, providing new tools and techniques for tackling challenge questions in partial differential equations from classical and emerging fields of applied science.

He has published 190 papers and was named to the Highly Cited Researcher List for 2018 and 2019 by the Clarivate Analytics (Web of Science Group). Zhi-Qiang was elected a Fellow of American Mathematical Society in 2015. Zhi-Qiang’s research has been supported by several National Science Foundation programs, including Analysis, Applied Mathematics, Computational Mathematics, and International, as well as number of agencies around globe, including NATO-CRG, NATO-CLG, Simons, NSF of China, DAAD and DFG of Germany.

A member of USU’s faculty science 1991, this is the second time Zhi-Qiang has earned the honor of Faculty Researcher of the Year for the College of Science. Zhi-Qiang graduated from Jilin University China in 1982 and received his PhD degree from the Chinese Academy of Science in 1986. Prior to joining USU, he completed post-doctoral training at Peking University and New York University, and held visiting positions at the University of Utah and the University of Wisconsin.

Zhi-Qiang Wang