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Discovering the “Blue Shift”

by Anna McEntire USU researcher discovers new type of hydrogen bond Utah State University chemistry professor Steve Scheiner is the 2010 recipient of the D. Wynne Thorne Career Research Award, USU’s most prestigious faculty research accolade. He will give the keynote lecture at the faculty research awards luncheon, part of [...]

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The Impact of USU Research In this ninth edition of Research Matters we feature USU researchers who are making a difference in very real ways. They are affecting people’s daily lives by improving food quality, family relationships and personal spending and saving habits. On a global scale, USU researchers are working to preserve [...]


A Perpetual Puzzle

 by Kinsey Love USU research brings bright minds together to plan the future of irrigated watersheds. Douglas Jackson-Smith studies puzzles. Not the 1,000-piece jigsaw kind that have you pulling your hair out before you are finished. He studies the million-piece perpetual kind that intertwine humans and terrestrial systems. Jackson-Smith, [...]

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Big. Fat. Research.

by Jacoba Poppleton Making customers happy is big business. Positive consumer response drives all aspects of the food industry. Pinpointing exactly what characteristics in food make consumers the happiest is a job recently taken on by USU researcher Silvana Martini Martini, an assistant professor in the department of nutrition, dietetics [...]

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The Art of Life

by Kinsey Love Craig Jessop, dean of the new Caine College of the Arts, speaks on his USU roots and the power of creative activity. A lone soldier lay quietly on a single bed in the isolation ward of Clark Air Force Base in the Philippines. Both legs and both [...]

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The Saving Grace of Saving

by Anna McEntire USU research explores how Social Security and private programs can help provide for a secure retirement. Many of us have already heard: there’s a large-scale fiscal storm brewing on the horizon. At the edge of our line of sight, say, 10-20 years down the road, dark [...]

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Relationship Resuscitation

by Jacoba Poppleton People enter into relationships everyday, but many of them don't have the knowledge or education or basic skills that are needed to make their relationships work. It is because of these gaps regarding fundamental human interactions that USU faculty member Brian Higginbotham does the work that he [...]

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A Tale of Two Bottles

by Anna McEntire Picture two water bottles. Same size, same color, same weight. One of the bottles, like most bottles in the world, is petro-chemically derived--meaning it was made from oil. The other bottle is bioplastic. Its source is renewable. It’s biodegradable. And it has the same tensile strength, UV [...]

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Where the Wild things Went

by Jacoba Poppleton Consider the rolling landscapes and distant horizons of the Bandipur National Park and Tiger Reserve in southern India, where subsistence pastoralists herd their cattle into the wildlife reserve. This wild rangeland, and others like it is becoming increasingly vulnerable. At face value, the rangeland is simply the [...]

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What Lies Beneath

by Kinsey Love USU researchers explore whether the same energy that heats Yellowstone's caldera exists beneath Idaho's Snake River Plain--and how to harness it. Yellowstone National Park is a forested wonderland speckled with crystal lakes, thermal features and magnificent geysers. These natural phenomena are a sight to behold, but why [...]

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