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USU alum receives assistant professor position straight out of graduation

A first generation college student, a Presidential Doctoral Research Fellow, and recipient of the Doctoral Researcher of the Year award for the College of Engineering, these are only three of the titles Troy Munro has earned. His accomplishments alone do not define him, however. In addition to his titles, Munro is an ambitious leader, a forward thinker, and the newest addition to Utah [...]

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Leadership on the Fly

Leadership strategies and philosophies abound, but for USU alumnus Martha Hahn, the best way to learn how to lead is to fly fish. Fly fishing is a love of Hahn’s; she’s lived in many western states and is known for having multiple state fishing licenses in her possession at one time. After completing a master’s [...]

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What are trans fats?

Trans Fatty Acids are man-made fats formed from liquid oils. When hydrogen is added to liquid vegetable oil, followed by pressure, the result is a stiffer fat. Trans fats pose a higher risk of heart disease than saturated fats, which were once believed to be the worst kind of fats. While [...]

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Translating trans fat

When Sir Francis Bacon said in 1597 that knowledge is power, he certainly wasn’t referring to an obesity epidemic 400 years in the future. Today, however, with 57 percent of Americans tipping the scales as overweight, some researchers are counting on Bacon’s mantra to prove true. While lifestyle and genetics play [...]

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Don’t forget the turkeys

"Turkeys are a huge industry in the United States, and this research has the potential to greatly help that industry," says Roger Coulombe. Coulombe hopes that adding inexpensive BHT to feed grains will provide poultry producers with a way on enhance turkey health and create a better product. Now, Coulombe is working with regulatory [...]

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Gobbling up Cancer

Turkeys are most well-known as the centerpiece of Thanksgiving dinner.  In the future, however, could their fame come from their contribution to the fight against human cancer?  USU researcher Roger Coulombe thinks so. At the 8,436 turkey farms in the United States, America’s favorite native bird is incredibly susceptible to disease, [...]

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Hope for homeowners

“Most people have the goal of home ownership,” said Camille Pedersen, a recent USU master’s graduate from the Department of Family, Consumer, and Human Development.  “There’s something special about having a place to call your own and knowing that it’s yours.” That’s why Pedersen has been working to understand why that [...]

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