The Office of Research and Graduate Studies held the first Graduate Training Series (GrTS), September 23. This seminar, What I Wished I Knew, featured speaker’s reflections on what they wished they had known when beginning their post-graduate degree.

The GrTS series is an opportunity for USU’s graduate students to augment their studies with professional development that will prepare them for the next steps along their career paths.

“Our trainings are designed to help improve graduate students lives, now and in the future,” said Mark McLellan, dean of the School of Graduate Studies at Utah State University. “We want our students to be successful, to gain skills and to learn how to recognize and utilize the resources that are available to them.”

Four speakers provided key insights: Christy Glass, associate professor of sociology, Scott Bates, associate vice president and associate dean for research, Jarod Raithel, doctoral student in the S.J. & Jessie E. Quinney College of Natural Resources and Ty Aller, Graduate Senator and doctoral student in the Emma Eccles Jones College of Education and Human Services.

“I wish I’d known everyone was as terrified as I was,” Glass said.

Bates added, “We’re all human. Everyone in the academic chain is human. We get sick. We have problems.”

“We’re collaborators, not competitors,” Raithel said, emphasizing the importance of relationships throughout graduate study.

This training was the first of the monthly GrTS training series. The next training, 3 Most Effective Tactics to Improve Your Teaching, will be held on Wednesday, October 14.

Graduate students noted the training as informative, entertaining and providing great snacks.

Katie Feinauer | Project Management and Communications |