Effective September 1, the Division of Sponsored Programs (DSP) staff will begin managing university grants and contracts exclusively with new software, Kuali Coeus.

DSP reviews and approves grant applications to ensure compliance with Utah State University policies, sponsor requirements, and state and federal regulations while also negotiating and managing award agreements and contracts.

For the past five years Sponsored Programs has used a system called PARC to manage grant proposals, sponsored awards, and contracts This system has several limitations, including limited access to DSP staff, the use of an external signature system, DocuSign, and separate grant management for federal grants.

“Upgrading to Kuali Coeus offers two big advantages,” said Dan Perry, system analyst with Sponsored Programs. “Kuali offers campus-wide authentication which moves the ability to use the system from just DSP to the campus community. Second it eliminates the need for an external signature authentication system, DocuSign.”Using Kuali Coeus, researchers can complete proposal applications and all required proposal materials electronically, replacing the need for paper copies of the Proposal Approval Form (SP-01) and budget template. Once a proposal is finalized and ready for internal approval faculty can route a proposal to department chairs, deans, research center directors, and DSP. DSP will then be able to review the proposal, approve it, and submit it to the sponsoring agency. Additionally, Kuali Coeus integrates with grants.go. Proposals that require a grants.gov submission can be prepared in Kuali Coeus and then DSP can submit the proposal directly to grants.gov through Kuali Coeus.

Following the September 1 transition, DSP will use Kuali Coeus internally for six months to resolve any technical issues and develop efficient processes. Training of faculty and staff is scheduled to begin in January or February of 2016.

Emily James | Project Management and Communications | Office of Research and Graduate Studies | emily.james@usu.edu