Crafting ideals & outdoor spaces, with Landscape Architect David Anderson

David Anderson, a landscape architect with USU’s Department of Landscape Architect and Environmental Planning and USU extension, walks us through the difference between an architect, a landscape architect, and a civil engineer. Spoiler, there’s a lot of overlap and in a perfect world they’d be working together to make personal and public spaces that complement and incorporate their environment, function well, and are just generally nice to be in. 
Then, David talks to us about the Kaysville Botanical Gardens and Utah House, which were built by USU extension specialists and researchers including David. The Utah House specifically, was built as a model sustainable home, to show how a home can be accessible, adapted to its particular location, aesthetically pleasing, and eminently usable. And it’s not just the house that was built based on these goals; the surrounding gardens are designed and planted with the local climate in mind and serve as a beautiful escape. Because “People need places to escape the busy, busy world we live in,” says David. 
David Anderson and Jake Powell (Episodes 39 and 40) will be featured in an upcoming Research Landscapes event  “Finding our Sense of Place” on November 18, 2020 at 11:30 a.m. MST. You can RSVP to attend here.