Research is about passion. It’s Elizabeth Wynn’s passion for finding answers to problems such as the challenge of keeping accurate, up-to-date medical records of individuals struggling with mental health issues that drives her research.

“What inspires me most is a desire to solve problems and to help people with problems that I’ve faced and people in my life have faced,” Wynn said.

For this reason, as an Undergraduate Research Fellow, Wynn is assisting Rick Cruz and Mike Levin as they implement a new software system called OwlOutcomes in a local clinic.

“It’s shown that when you measure a client’s progress session to session and look at that data every week the client progresses more quickly,” Wynn said.

“Usually when you go in, the client will fill out a pencil and paper measure. It’s really time consuming for the client and also for people who have to process that,”

By eliminating the time consuming paper work, implementation of the OwlOutcomes program will make the process of reporting and recording data instantaneous, user-friendly, efficient and effective.

With OwlOutcomes, a patient can fill out a form on their tablet or smartphone and the data is instantly uploaded and visible to the clinician. With the data so easily updated the client and clinician can look at the client’s progress during the visit.

Wynn hopes this will improve the visit for the client and help to improve his or her progress. If successful, Wynn would like to see the software implemented in more clinics so that more individuals can be helped by it.

Katie Feinauer | Project Management and Communications |