Chemical Storage Guidelines

Storing chemicals in laboratories requires consideration of a number of health and safety factors. In general, lab workers should store chemicals in cabinets and on shelving provided for such storage. For instance, flammable liquids should be stored in a flammable liquids storage cabinet. The following are general storage guidelines: Do not store chemicals on [...]

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Chemical Hygiene Guidelines

The Chemical Hygiene Guidelines are designed to be used as a reference.  The guidelines contain a variety of information to assist laboratory personnel in the development and maintenance of a comprehensive Chemical Hygiene Program, as required by the OSHA Laboratory Standard. For more information please contact: Steps for Compliance Steps [...]

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OSHA Specific Health Hazard Training

OSHA required training for employees that use materials that have specific OSHA standards. Specific standards exist for formaldehyde, benzene, methylene chloride, reproductive hazards, and others. Chemical characteristics, associated hazards, the OSHA standard, air sampling, and PPE requirements will be discussed. To request this training, please contact:

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