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Chemical Storage Guidelines

Storing chemicals in laboratories requires consideration of a number of health and safety factors. In general, lab workers should store chemicals in cabinets and on shelving provided for such storage. For instance, flammable liquids should be stored in a flammable liquids storage cabinet. The following are general storage guidelines: Do not store chemicals on [...]

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Respiratory Protection

When chemical or biological agents are being used and there is not another means of protection, respirators can provide an effective method to protect and clean the air we breathe. Respirators come in many shapes and sizes that cover a wide variety of applications. They may be used to filter out many different chemicals and [...]

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Laboratory Safety (initial)

OSHA required training for anyone working in a chemical laboratory: including principle investigators, lab employees, research technicians, teaching assistants and graduate students. Chemical hygiene principles, spill prevention, hazardous waste management, and fire safety are discussed. To schedule this training click the button below or for more information contact: Lab Training Registration [...]

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