Chemical Handling

//Chemical Handling

Particularly Hazardous Chemicals

A particularly hazardous chemical is a chemical substance and associated laboratory operation, procedure, or activity considered sufficiently hazardous to require prior approval. The following classes of chemical are considered particularly hazardous: Allergen (Sensitizer): A foreign agent or substance that is capable of causing an immune response in an individual. In most cases, initial exposure results [...]

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Chemical Storage Guidelines

Storing chemicals in laboratories requires consideration of a number of health and safety factors. In general, lab workers should store chemicals in cabinets and on shelving provided for such storage. For instance, flammable liquids should be stored in a flammable liquids storage cabinet. The following are general storage guidelines: Do not store chemicals on [...]

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Chemical Hygiene Guidelines

The Chemical Hygiene Guidelines are designed to be used as a reference.  The guidelines contain a variety of information to assist laboratory personnel in the development and maintenance of a comprehensive Chemical Hygiene Program, as required by the OSHA Laboratory Standard. For more information please contact: Steps for Compliance Steps [...]

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