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Standard Operating Procedure FAQ

What is a Chemical Hygiene Plan and Standard Operating Procedures? OSHA recognized the need for a regulation that focused on the unique nature of laboratory work; thus, the Laboratory Standard (29CFR1910.1450) was developed. This performance oriented rule is intended to provide laboratories with the flexibility of implementing safe work practices and procedures specific to [...]

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OSHA Specific Health Hazard Training

OSHA required training for employees that use materials that have specific OSHA standards. Specific standards exist for formaldehyde, benzene, methylene chloride, reproductive hazards, and others. Chemical characteristics, associated hazards, the OSHA standard, air sampling, and PPE requirements will be discussed. To request this training, please contact:

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Laboratory Safety (refresher)

Required annually for all laboratory personnel. Department or group specific training is encouraged and can be arranged. To schedule this training click the button below or for more information contact: Lab Training Registration You may also be interested in...

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