When chemical or biological agents are being used and there is not another means of protection, respirators can provide an effective method to protect and clean the air we breathe.
Respirators come in many shapes and sizes that cover a wide variety of applications. They may be used to filter out many different chemicals and can also filter organisms such as bacteria and viruses.

Given the many choices of respiratory protection available, there are regulatory requirements to ensure training is provided and the employee receives a proper respirator for the job.

The EH&S Office can provide guidance on choosing the right respirator for the job and provides fit testing to ensure the respirator fits the respirator wearer well.

Training Requirements

All employees that will be wearing a respirator as part of their employment at Utah State University must participate in training related to the selection, use and fit of the respirator. Training can be scheduled by contacting the individual(s) listed below.

Respiratory Protection Written Program

The Respiratory Protection Program has been established to maintain an environment that will not adversely affect the health, safety and well-being of employees, students and visitors.

Because of the potential hazards involved from exposure to hazardous substances and atmospheres, the USU EH&S Office will provide guidance on the selection, use, care and maintenance of respiratory protective equipment, and develop safe procedures for their use.

All activities involving the use of respiratory protective equipment, including operations, maintenance and research activities in all facilities controlled by the university shall be conducted in compliance with 29CFR1910.134 of the Occupational Safety and Health Respiratory Protection Standard.

Fit Testing

All employees who will be wearing a respirator as part of their employment at Utah State University must be fit-tested for the type, model and size of the respirator they will be wearing. Employees should be fit-tested annually to ensure proper fit of the respirator they are using. Fit tests can be arranged by contacting:

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