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Graduate student working in the child psychology lab
Abby Benninghoff

Activities of the Graduate Council

The Graduate Council advises the Vice President and Dean for Research and Graduate Studies, providing a forum for considering major graduate program and student issues, as well as approving changes in programs.

Catalog changes to reflect policy

Five changes were made to the catalog to better reflect university policy:

  1. Thesis/Dissertation submission: Review of these documents within the Graduate School is now being done electronically. As of June 1, 2016, submission of theses and dissertations to the Merrill-Cazier Library is also electronic, with a bound copy of the document being required only if the document is embargoed.
  2. Inclusion of undergraduate coursework on a graduate Program of Study: Consistent with an underlying philosophy that a student’s supervisory committee should be best able to identify coursework required to support the student’s graduate program, a student’s supervisory committee may now include undergraduate coursework on a graduate program of study. Rather than specifying a maximum number of credits that may be included at the 5000 level or below, the catalog now states that a Master’s degree must include at least 15 semester credits at the level of 6000 or above, a doctoral degree must include at least 30 credits at the 6000 level or above if the student does not have a Master’s degree, and at least 15 credits at the 6000 level or above if the student has a Master’s degree.
  3. Authorship of papers included in a thesis or dissertation: Students may include multi-author papers in a thesis or dissertation if the student’s supervisory committee determines that the student made a substantial intellectual contribution to the work. Order of authorship on a paper does not determine if a paper may be included in a thesis or dissertation.
  4. Full time status: Graduate students who have completed all coursework on an approved Program of Study will now be considered full time if registered for at least 3 credits.
  5. Portfolio Option: The Masters of Accounting program was approved to accept a portfolio in place of a graduate admission test score.