Laboratory Animal Research Center (LARC) is staffed by a part-time director, a full-time supervisor, a full-time secretary, a full-time animal technician, two three-quarter time animal technicians and student animal caretakers.


The director of the LARC is responsible for providing proper, efficient, and economical functioning of the facility. The director is a veterinarian and the administrator of the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC). Duties of the director are diversified, and they include administration and participation in clinical, teaching, consultative, and research activities. The director is directly responsible to the Vice President for Research.


The supervisor of the LARC is responsible for the daily operation of the facility. This individual is a registered Laboratory Animal Technologist as certified by the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science. All requests that deal with the daily operation of the facility (i.e. rooms, animals, cages, and equipment requests, etc.) should first be discussed with the supervisor. The supervisor is directly responsible to the director.


The secretary of the LARC is responsible for ordering any necessary supplies needed, reviewing monthly animal records, monthly billing, and daily correspondence. This individual is also the secretary for the IACUC. The secretary is responsible to the director and supervisor.


The animal technicians are responsible for keeping the LARC facility clean and daily animal care. These individuals change cages, feed and water animals, and clean the facility. The animal technicians are directly responsible to the supervisor.