On March 11, 2020, Utah State University took action to keep COVID-19 from spreading. Work on this research podcast started the same day.

Presented by USU’s Office of Research, Instead is a digital bridge to span social-distance, allowing you to listen in on conversations with USU researchers and learn how Utah’s researchers move our state forward as new challenges circle the world.

Social distance is nothing new for the program’s host Wyatt Traughber, who grew up in Idaho’s sparsely populated Lost River Valley and moved to Utah for his education in 2013. For more than six years, and while earning a bachelor’s degree in art and a master’s in communication, Wyatt has been buildings bridges between scientists and citizens as the videographer for the Office of Research. Armed with persistence and “stupid questions,” he keeps the conversation light so you can learn while you scrub baseboards, paint walls, walk around the block, or whatever it is you’re doing to stay busy in the quarantine.