Since December 2018, several staffing changes have occurred at the IRB. Here’s an overview:

A long-term health issue resulted in one of our IRB Coordinators leaving the office in December 2018. That position was functionally filled in late February 2019 – please welcome Sasha Broadstone to the USU IRB Office! Sasha received her Bachelor’s from Purdue University and her Master’s from Texas A&M University prior to moving to Logan, Utah. The IRB is very excited to have her on board.

In February, two members of the IRB office separately welcomed new members of their families. We expect those staff, Kimberly Noble and Chris Sisneros-Kidd, to return to the office near the beginning of April. Researchers needing assistance in the interim should use the general email address, so the first available staff member is able to get back to them. Please note that because the professional staff is down to one experienced member and one member in training, it might take a while to receive a response.

The USU IRB has an offer pending with a candidate for a new Coordinator position, and we look forward to updating you when that staffing change is finalized.