Protis Shutdown

The week of May 22, 2023, the Human Research Protections Office moved all active, ongoing studies that were in Protis to Kuali Protocols. Researchers who had active protocols in Protis should now manage their projects in Kuali Protocols. Locate your new protocol number here, or by logging into Kuali Protocols. 


Do I need to do anything?

If you had an active, ongoing study in Protis, you simply must manage that project in Kuali Protocols now. It was moved over in exactly the same format that it was in in Protis.

Did anything at all change with the move?

You might notice three differences: 1) we did not move people with expired CITI Trainings to Kuali Protocols. Those individuals should not be working on your human subjects research project until they have refreshed their CITI Training. You may add them back via an amendment once they have done so. 2) As we noted in our email communications to researchers, we did not move over the COVID amendments unless we were asked to do so. 3) You will have a new protocol number, but we titled each protocol that was moved to include the old protocol number, so that you can search your Kuali queue by that number and easily locate your Protis protocol.

How do I know whether my protocol was moved?

The Human Research Protections Office emailed everyone with an active Protis protocol notifying them of the move five times between April 13 and May 23, 2023. It also made a lookup tool available on this website. That tool now reflects protocols that were moved, and lists their updated protocol number in Kuali Protocols. If your protocol does not appear on that list as having been moved, then it was not moved.

Can you remind me how to log into Kuali Protocols?

Yes! go to

My protocol was moved to Kuali, but I am ready to close it. How do I do that?

If your protocol is ready to be closed, please go to your protocol in Kuali Protocols and select "Request Close." Complete the steps provided in Kuali Protocols. 

Will the USU IRB keep any documentation from my closed Protis protocol, should I need it later?

Yes. The IRB does not retain copies of closed protocols themselves, but it will retain copies of all uploaded documents for three years after your protocol has been closed, as is required by 45 C.F.R. 45.115(b). This includes:

  • Approval letters
  • Approved informed consent documents
  • Approved recruitment material
  • Reliance and External Researcher Agreements
  • Approved HIPAA Authorizations or Waivers

Three years after the protocol has been closed, the USU IRB does delete those records.

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