Kuali Research is an electronic system which makes viewing, crafting, applying for and tracking research grants easier.

Kuali Research benefits our community because it was created by researchers and the software itself was funded by research grants. With this in mind, the creators of this software understand the importance of grant proposal writing. They also understand the process of proposal writing and it is the creators goal to make the experience as easy and user-friendly as possible.

Kuali Research was also created by numerous professionals from prestigious universities around the country. One such university is the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Individuals from MIT and other universities work continuously to improve the program and assist users in their day to day tasks.

In a study conducted in September 2015, 84.09% of Kuali users who contacted the Kuali Research Support Team when they had questions found the support to be very helpful. The remaining 15.91% found the support moderately helpful.

Kuali Research is a tool designed to help researchers and administrators apply for and track grant proposals and we are committed to your success.

If you have any questions or need assistance please let us know.

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