Research Landscapes

What is Research Landscapes?

At Utah State University Research Landscapes, we provide an entry-point for state and community decision-makers across the Wasatch Front to connect with the researchers who are investigating the most critical issues facing the state.

Why should I attend?

As the state’s land-grant institution, Utah State University is uniquely situated in the state to help solve Utah’s land, water, and air challenges. During the event, the presenters will share data-driven discoveries to provide the state’s decision-makers and stakeholders with tools and insights to address these critical issues.

What is the event like?

Each virtual event will feature a video presentation that highlights the researchers and their work, followed by a live question-and-answer session with the presenters via Zoom. Both aspects of the event will be available on the Research Landscapes homepage on the day of the event.

Previous Events

Fire in the West: Appreciating the Inevitable

We have some choice in how or when wildfires occur, but it’s counterproductive to remove all fire from the landscape. Adjusting our perception of fire as a natural and necessary tool rather than purely as a threat can help us better manage our landscapes ...

Xero to Hero: Resource-Positive Landscapes

Professor Kopp’s research efforts are focused on landscape water conservation and sustainable turfgrass management. She works directly with many of the federal, state, and municipal agencies that are working toward achieving water use efficiency in the st...

Finding Our Sense of Place

On November 18, 2020, USU Research Landscapes featured David Anderson and Jake Powell of the Landscape Architecture & Environmental Planning department to discuss how communities can recognize, strengthen, and defend the key physical and social features t...