Research Landscapes

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Seth Lyman
Seth Lyman

Director, Bingham Entrepreneurship & Energy Research Center
Chemistry and Biochemistry

Thursday, November 9, 2023
4:00 - 5:30 pm
O.C. Tanner headquarters, Salt Lake City

Refreshments provided for all attendees

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What is Research Landscapes?

At Utah State University Research Landscapes, we provide an entry-point for state and community decision-makers across the Wasatch Front to connect with the researchers who are investigating the most critical issues facing the state. The event series is sponsored by O.C. Tanner, and all events are held at the O.C. Tanner headquarters at 1930 South State Street in Salt Lake City.

Why should I attend?

As the state’s land-grant institution, Utah State University is uniquely situated in the state to help solve Utah’s land, water, and air challenges. During the event, the presenters will share data-driven discoveries to provide the state’s decision-makers and stakeholders with tools and insights to address these critical issues.

What is the event like?

Each event will feature a live presentation that highlights the researcher and their work, followed by a question-and-answer session with the presenter.

Past Events

The Great Salt Lake Charrette Process

This Research Landscapes featured a discussion about building stronger Utah communities, led by David Anderson, a professional practice professor at Utah State University in the Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning department.

The Great Salt Lake

Dr. Joanna Endter-Wada, Professor and Program Director in the Quinney College of Natural Resources Department of Environment & Society, discussed the future of the Great Salt Lake on November 3, 2022 as part of the USU Research Landscapes program.

Water Optimization on Utah's Farms

A USU Extension specialist and faculty member in the Plants, Soils, and Climate department, Dr. Yost has been working with farmers across Utah to test different water optimization techniques. During the event, he discussed the pros and cons of various pr...

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