Project Description

Dr. Randal S. Martin

Associate Research Professor
Environmental Engineering, Air Pollution
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Utah Water Research Laboratory
Utah State University

Dr. Martin is a Research Associate Professor of Environmental Engineering at Utah State University with a joint appointment at the Utah Water Research Laboratory (UWRL). He has been at USU since the summer of 2000, combining research, teaching, and outreach duties associated with all things Air Quality. He also serves as an Associate Director of the Utah Climate Center where his duties are associated with maintaining Cache Valley’s National Atmospheric Deposition Program National Trends Network (NTN) and Ammonia Monitoring Network (AMoN) sites. Dr. Martin has also been a member of the State of Utah’s Air Quality Board since 2017. Dr. Martin’s research interests center around the measurement and analysis of atmospheric trace species, most notably the characterization and behavior of ambient fine particulate matter (PM2.5 and PM10), reactive hydrocarbons and related oxidation products (e.g. ozone). My expertise includes air pollution photochemistry, air quality monitoring, biogenic emissions measurements, air pollution modeling, advanced oxidation processes for gaseous pollutant control, and source particulate fractionation and measurement. Dr. Martin has been heavily involved with Utah air quality issues including studies of the Uinta Basin’s wintertime ozone issues, fine particulate (PM2.5) behavior and characteristics in the Cache Valley and along the Wasatch Front, and mobile source emissions inherent to Utah’s vehicle fleet and regional conditions.

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