The Utah State University Materials Physics Group (MPG) performs state-of-the-art ground-based testing of space environment effects on aerospace materials. These include electrical charging and electron transport properties of both conducting and insulating materials; they emphasize studies of electron emission, conductivity, luminescence, and electrostatic discharge. Our research group consists of faculty, graduate, and undergraduate researchers.

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Research Enviorments

These ventures have studied both basic science and specific effects and mitigation strategies in a wide variety of extreme environments, each of which present their own unique sets of issues and materials. These environments have included:

Low Earth Orbits ( Satellites, CubeStats, ISS, MISSE)
Geosynchronous Earth Orbit (Communication Satellites, CRRES/IDM, GOES, Landsat LCDM)
Polar Orbit (Radiation Belt Space Probes, CubeStats)
L1 and L2 (James Webb Space Telescope, DSCOVR)
Near-solar (Solar Probe Mission, Solar Probe Plus)
Lunar and Martian (Dust Mitigation)
Jovian (Prometheus, JUNO, Solar Probe Mission, SIRSE, Europa)
Interplanetary (Solar Sails, Probe Mission)