Each year, NIH conducts two Regional Seminars on Program Funding and Grants. These seminars explain the application and review process; clarify Federal regulations and policies; and highlight current areas of special interest or concern. The seminars are appropriate for grants administrators, researchers, and graduate students.

Date Location Registration Information
Spring 2021 TBA TBA

In addition to the Regional Seminars, NIH offers podcasts on various different grant writing topics (transcripts available as well).

The two-day Regional Grants Conference provides key insight into a wide range of current issues at NSF including the state of current funding; new and current policies and procedures; and pertinent administrative issues. The conference is appropriate for new faculty, researchers, educators, and administrators.

Date Location Registration Information
November 30 – December 3, 2020 Virtual More information here

Check out presentation materials from the most recent Regional Grants Conference.

USDA/NIFA conducts various grantsmanship workshops throughout the year, providing overviews of competitive grants (including program goals and priorities); the grant evaluation process; and past funding statistics. The workshops are appropriate for researchers, educators, extension specialists, and administrators.

Get general grant training resources and information on past workshops here.

The Institute of Education Sciences provides on-demand webinars related to research funding.

For information about available webinars, including presentations, transcripts, and closed-caption video recordings, click here.