Apply now! Seed grants to jumpstart your research

The next semiannual deadline for the Office of Research and Graduate Studies seed grant competition is October 15, 2014. This is the date the Dean’s Offices need to submit the internally reviewed proposals to the RGS for evaluation and final selection. Faculty interested in submitting a seed grant proposal need to check with their respective Dean’s Office to verify the deadline for internal college review.

The purpose of the seed grant program is to build USU’s research capability and increase extramural funding for scholarly activities. Seed grants are particularly useful for faculty who need to collect preliminary data or build research teams in order to pursue larger, externally funded grants. To facilitate this, the program offers three types of seed grants, each with a different focus.

The Grantwriting Experience through Mentorship (GEM) grant provides funding of up to $10,000 for one year to enhance the professional development of new investigators through one-on-one research and grant-writing interaction with successful research mentors.

The Research Catalyst (RC) grant provides funding of up to $20,000 for one year to help faculty develop new initiatives or directions in their discipline that will lead to new externally funded grants.

The Seed Program to Advance Research Collaborations (SPARC) grant provides funding of up to $35,000 for one year to catalyze development of interdisciplinary research teams and projects that involve scholarly research in more than one department, research center, college, or institution that will enhance USU faculty success in securing new, large-scale, interdisciplinary externally funded grants.

It is required that each funded seed grant proposal leads directly to the submission of at least one proposal to an external funding agency within three months of project completion.

The next semiannual deadline for seed grant proposals is April 15, 2015. Get detailed information on eligibility, the application process, and proposal requirements or contact Jerilyn Hansen at, 435.797.3437.