Research/Proposal Development Network

The Research Development division is comprised of a network of research/proposal development staff located in units (colleges/departments/research centers) across campus.

Research/Proposal developers report jointly to their unit directors (deans/department heads/research center directors) and to the centrally located Director of Research Development, who reports to the Associate Vice President for Research in the Office of Research.

Our Goal

The goal of network staff is to relieve researchers of the logistics of proposal development to allow them more time to focus on their technical writing. To achieve this, network staff can help researchers from beginning to end of the proposal development process, or at any point throughout the process depending on the researcher’s needs and/or wants.

Promoting Participation

To promote participation in the network, the Office of Research will commit 50 percent of a research/proposal developer’s salary for the first year, 30 percent for the second year, and 15 percent each year thereafter to units that wish to hire a research/proposal developer. Units are asked to sign an agreement establishing the position for a minimum term of 4 years. Any unit interested in hiring a research/proposal development specialist is encouraged to contact Jeri Hansen, Director of Research Development, for more information and assistance in the hiring process.