Workshops and Seminars

Graduate Students

Target Audience: Graduate students, doctoral students, postdoctoral researchers, professional staff

The graduate student grant writing seminar is a modification of the faculty grant writing seminar and is tailored to the needs of graduate students and those who have little to no grant writing experience. Attendees will leave the seminar understanding the why as well as the how of grant writing. This seminar will help demystify the process and emphasize how the approaches taught can also be applied to planning and writing a thesis project or paper for publication.

Date Location Registration Information
Fall 2023 TBA TBA


Target Audience: Faculty, instructors, lecturers, postdoctoral researchers, professional staff

The faculty grant writing seminar emphasizes the why as well as the how of proposal writing. By understanding the reasoning and rationale behind specific suggestions, participants can take that learning and adapt it to many different research and grant development situations. The approaches taught during the seminar will help demystify the proposal writing process but at the same time provide concrete tools to use in organizing the information and arguments necessary for the development of a compelling proposal.

Seminar content is spread out over four days (i.e., new content each day). Participants must attend all four days to receive the full training.

Date Location Registration Information
October 17, 24, 31, November 7, 2022 Virtual Opens mid-August

Arts & Humanities

Target Audience: Arts and humanities faculty, postdoctoral researchers, graduate students, professional staff

The arts & humanities grant writing seminar is similar to the regular faculty grant writing seminar but with special emphasis on how to write successful proposals to the funders of creative activities.

Date Location Registration Information
Spring 2024 TBA TBA

Proposal Writing Institute (PWI)

Target Audience: Faculty with research as part of their role statement

During the Proposal Writing Institute (PWI), participants will work on a specific proposal to an extramural funder that must be submitted as a result of the PWI activities. A comprehensive approach to the proposal development process will be achieved during the PWI through presentations, discussions, and small-group activities.

Date Location Registration Information
May/June 2023 Logan campus Available December 2022

Agency Specific

Target Audience: Researchers

Several external funding agencies (e.g., NSF, NIH, USDA) provide different opportunities for researchers to learn more about agency-specific proposal writing. Check out the Agency Sponsored Grant Writing Workshops page for more information.