Request to Continue On-Campus Research Activities

In the event that we move to Level 1 of USU’s Infectious Disease Plan, we must prepare for severe limitations on access onto campus. Consequently, the Office of Research is working to determine research activities that are necessary to continue on campuses and other university facilities. We have worked to established criteria to identify eligible on-campus activities, which include the following:
  • Research directly related to COVID-19.
  • Projects that, if paused, would result in a loss of years of effort or data.
  • Projects that, if paused, would result in a loss of a major investment.
  • Work that maintains major research equipment in a safe standby mode in labs.
  • Work that maintains crucial samplesplants, and animal populations.
  • Other projects deemed essential by university administration.
If you believe your research fits within these criteria and want to request continuation of your on-campus research activities, please fill out the form below, which will then be routed to your department head/center director, college dean, vice president for research, and president for approval. A more detailed explanation of the process is included in this handout.