Sponsored Programs

The Sponsored Programs Division enhances and facilitates research and other sponsored activities by providing the University community with professional and effective administrative expertise in the management of sponsored projects, while preserving the rights and interests of the University, the researcher, the sponsor, and the community.

Functions of Sponsored Programs
  • Assist faculty and staff with funding opportunities
  • Review, officially approve, and submit proposals and applications
  • Negotiate awards, material transfer, and non-disclosure agreements
  • Facilitate sub award collaborations
  • Manage awards, including all non-financial administration, compliance issues, reporting oversight, and administrative project close out

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NIH R15 Program: Projected Change in USU Eligibility
USU will potentially be ineligible to submit proposals to the NIH R15 program in the next federal fiscal year, starting October 1, 2022.

USU researchers can review the Office of Research memo in Box. If you have any difficulties accessing the memo, please email Jeri Hansen.