SRS 2021 Presentation Highlights

This year, Utah State University was recognized as the recipient of the 2020 Award for Undergraduate Research Accomplishments (AURA), recognizing USU as a national leader in undergraduate programs for research and creative inquiry.

At Utah State, we value the opportunity to involve students in hands-on learning in every subject. Students at USU send experiments into space, design environmentally-friendly landscapes and buildings, track migrating species, dig in to ancient weapon construction, and investigate cybersecurity lapses.

One way USU students share their research is through our annual Student Research Symposium (SRS), which we held on April 14-15. At SRS, 183 undergraduates and 79 graduate students shared their research in short poster and oral presentations. Our office has curated a list of our favorite posters and slide decks that we think are applicable, interesting, and understandable for a K-12 audience.

Click each poster to open the full presentation. View all 2021 SRS Presentations here.

Education in the Digital Age: Video Games in the Classroom
Presenter: Jace Jones, Social Sciences & Education

Video Games in the Classroom: Education in the digital Age. Poster Cover.

What Women in Comic Books Teach Us
Presenter: Megan Miller, Arts & Humanities

How Women in Comic Books Teach Us About Societal Values Poster Cover

Music’s Emotional “Journey”
Presenters: Nicholas Welch, Indigo Rollins-Carlson, Jacob Page,
Stanley Ogden, Arts & Humanities

Music's Emotional "Journey" poster cover

Ὁ Δρόμος: Testing the Charge at Marathon, 490 BCE
Presenter: Daniel Porter, Arts & Humanities

The charge at Marathon poster cover

Teaching Social-Emotional Skills Through Storytelling:
Development of a Mobile App for Children

Presenter: Sally Devitry, Social Sciences & Education

Teaching Social-Emotional Skills Through Storytelling poster cover

Effect of Bird Age on the Likelihood of Fatal Window Collisions at
Utah State University’s C&SS Building

Presenter: Taylor Kenyon, Life Sciences

Effect of Bird Age on the LIkelihood of Fatal Window Collisions poster cover

Passive Solar Design: Reduction of Building Consumption
Presenter: Jacee Hammons, Arts & Humanities

Passive Solar Design poster cover

Do Aspen Stands Reduce Fire Severity and Stop Fire Spread?
Presenter: Elyse Doty, Life Sciences

Do Aspen Stands Reduce Fire Severity and Stop Fire Spread? poster cover

Monitoring the Spatial Ecology of Puma Concolor Along a
Wildland-Urban Gradient

Presenters: Natalie D’Souza, Tim Cromwell, Life Sciences

Monitoring Cougar Spatial Ecology poster cover

Effects of Older Siblings on Early Childhood Development in
Low-Income Families

Presenter: Ria Williams, Social Sciences & Education

Effects of Older Siblings on Early Childhood Development in Low-Income Families poster cover

Human-Accelerated Biodiversity Loss during Climate Change Threatens
Human Health and Food Security

Presenter: Miles Robertson, Life Sciences

Human Accelerated Biodiversity Loss During Climate Change poster cover

Form and Broadway
Presenters: Aubree Hessing, Gabriela Perez, Meghann Flemming, Anna Johnson, Kaela Unruh, Arts & Humanities

Form and Broadway poster cover

Vehicle Autonomy Increases Attack Surface on Critical Functions – Cybersecurity Standard Needed
Presenter: Blair Peck, Engineering

Vehicle Autonomy Increases Attack Surface on Crituical Functions poster cover

The effect of step edge highlighters and distractions, such as mobile devices,
on successful stair negotiation

Presenters: Christopher Long, Samantha Corbridge, Social Sciences & Education

The Effect of Step Edge Highlighters and Distractions poster cover

Informed Polluters: A Comparison Between Pollutant Sources of Two Lakes and Resulting Remediation Strategies
Presenter: Jeffrey Kennedy, Engineering

Informed Polluters poster cover

Hagfish protein threads as three dimensional in vitro scaffolds for
skeletal muscular tissue

Presenters: Emilee Rickabaugh, Brandon Pace, Trent Peterson, Engineering

Hagfish protein threads as three dimensional in vitro scaffolds poster cover

Undergraduate Research Fellowship

The Undergraduate Research Fellowship is a four-year scholarship (totaling $4,000) that jump-starts new students at USU into research opportunities like these and offers research and communication training, networking, presentation events, and more. The deadline for our URF application is June 15, and interested students should be directed to our URF website.