Project Description

About Dr. Cathy Hartman and Dr. Edwin Stafford

Cathy Hartman and Edwin Stafford
Jon M. Huntsman School of Business
Marketing and Strategy Department

Drawing on their 18 years of research together, Dr. Cathy L. Hartman and Dr. Edwin R. Stafford, professor of marketing in the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business, will discuss various business cases they have analyzed to illustrate insights about the sustainable entrepreneurship process. Particular focus will center on the trials and tribulations of the entrepreneurs behind the development of Utah’s first wind power project at the mouth of Spanish Fork Canyon in 2008. The developers endured a four-year struggle to overcome market, policy, and social barriers to build the nine-turbine, 18.9 megawatt wind farm.

Sustainable Entrepreneurship: Connecting the dots

“Sustainable entrepreneurship” is an emerging strategy in 21st century business. Moving beyond traditional entrepreneurship that uses finance and business acumen to transform new products and technologies into economic gains for businesses, sustainable entrepreneurship leverages those same business skills to transform environmentally-protective innovations into economic and social gains for entrepreneurs and society. This blending of business with environmental and social ideals poses unique challenges and opportunities for entrepreneurs, government, and society on the path toward a cleaner, more sustainable future.