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About Dr. Mac McKee

Dr. Mac McKee
College of Engineering
Civil and Environmental Engineering Department

Dr. McKee has been active in domestic and international water resources planning and management projects for more than 35 years. His experience has included assignments in more than 30 countries, form flood control planning and design in the Philippines to water quality management in Samoa, and development of a comprehensive water resources master plan in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Dr. McKee has frequently participated

50 Years: Utah Water Research Laboratory

For more than 10,000 years, humans have developed water systems to foster economic growth and cultural advancement. Throughout this time, the largest expenditures of public wealth–aside from those involved with warfare and national defense–have been for development and management of water resources. These critical activities rest on our ability as a society to measure the state of our water systems and to forecast how they will behave in the future. For the past 50 years, researchers at the Utah Water Research Laboratory have worked to advance our understanding of the behavior of water resources systems so that they can be efficiently and effectually managed. Dr. McKee will reflect on the 50-year history of the lab, in light of 10,000 years of water management history and the challenges that Utah faces in its water supply future.