Project Description

At this unique Sunrise Session four of USU’s exemplary graduate and undergraduate student researchers will tell the stories behind the research.

Following Ignite USU’s unique format, each student will give their presentation in just five minutes using only 20 slides that automatically advance every 15 seconds.

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Daisha Cummins

Simple Tools for Complex Questions about Autism

Something as simple as our movement can have extreme clinical significance.When I came to Utah State University as a freshman majoring in Biology, I thought my research experience would be with microscopes or cell cultures. However, I quickly realized I wanted a research experience involving people instead of bacteria. I found this in the Sensory Motor Behavior Lab where I have been working for the past three years. Under the direction of Dr. Breanna Studenka, we primarily study how people plan for and execute movement.

CJ Guadarrama

Why I Trespassed in the Intermountain Indian School

When a person enters an area, or crosses a line that has been drawn for the sole purpose of segregation, they are presented with the best opportunity for learning naturally.  Knowing when to trespass and cross these lines then becomes just as important as knowing what to research.  My talk is about how my trespassing on the Intermountain Indian Schools in Brigham City, Utah led to my research at Utah State.

Brett Hurst

Doctor + Nurse Makes a Virologist

We can’t all be doctors, but with a physician as a father and a registered nurse as a mother, I always thought I would be. This is the story of how fecal samples containing parasitic infections from South American villagers set me on the course to become a virologist, contributing to the medical field not as a doctor, but through research of emerging viral infections and diseases.

Amy Moser

All I Do is Rocks Rocks Rocks No Matter What

There’s something to be said about loving what you do. As a geologist, I get to travel the world, seeing and doing things that most people will not have the opportunity to. The rocks and other natural phenomena I witness are so incredibly exciting to me, and they are the reason I do what I do. These are some of the defining moments that led me to understand how valuable and personally rewarding it is to get to do what you love and what excites you every single day.