While working with Technology Transfer Services, Utah State policies will be followed to protect the best interests of all parties.

Conflict of Interest Policy - 307

Utah State University and its employees are protected from the pursuit of outside interests through the Conflict of Interest Policy. The aim of the policy is to encourage integrity, quality and development in institutional research and education programs.

Consulting Service Policy - 377

Utah State University faculty and staff may provide professional expertise to communities on a consulting basis. Should the university find these working relationships beneficial to all parties, employees may take time away from their university role to consult outside entities.

Contract Signature Authority and Delegation Policy - 528

In an effort to minimize financial and legal risks, Utah State University uses the Signature Authority and Delegation Policy to protect the institution in its legally binding contracts.

Extra Service Compensation Policy - 376

This policy is designed to establish an institutional expression of support for appropriate operations-based standards for employees who contribute to the university within and outside their primary work assignments.

Intellectual Property Policy - 587

The Intellectual Property Policy protects the discoveries, patents, inventions, etc. of USU employees or students. The policy includes a clarification of ownership rights and encourages the production of intellectual property that will benefit the USU community.

Open Access Policy - 586

Employee scholarly articles are shared by Utah State University in order to continue the mission of serving the public through learning, discovery and engagement. USU may incentivize creation and distribution of new work through exclusive, limited rights to authors.

Trademark Licensing Policy - 510

Utah State University has the right to guarantee proper use of all USU trademarks. This includes the ability to protect trademarks from unauthorized parties and strengthen trademarks through retailers, campus departments, student organizations, etc. The royalty revenues gained through the proper use of trademarks funds scholarships for USU students.


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