Project Description

Untold stories of rocks, after parties, and the San Andreas Fault

The Talk

Every rock has a story – a unique history that brought it from the depths of the Earth to the surface. Putting these pieces together is critical for understanding everything from earthquakes, to mountain ranges, and geologic time. That, is where I come in. As a geologist, it’s my job to understand how these rocks came to be exactly where they were sitting when I found them. And it turns out, these stories are important for more than just science. 

About Amy

Amy Moser is a Master’s student in the Department of Geology at Utah State University where she studies faults in the San Andreas Fault zone in southern California. Her adventures in geology have taken her from Wyoming and Montana, to southern California, and even New Zealand. While not geeking out on rocks or writing her thesis, you can find her hiking, climbing, or backpacking in the mountains, frequenting the gym, playing with her cat, visiting our amazing national parks, and sharing her adventures on Instagram (@amy_allosaurus). 

Passionate about both science and education, Amy hopes to work towards a career in academia and become a professor of geology. The next step in her journey is to pursue a PhD, and she is currently applying to programs to start in the fall of 2017.