Project Description

A small solution to a cosmic problem

The Talk

Space has held the curiosity of humankind since the earliest days. We’ve walked on the moon, conducted microgravity research aboard the space station, mastered GPS, sent satellites beyond the bounds of our solar system, and more! Now, with standardized small satellites called CubeSats, it is easier than ever for students and industry to design their own missions and get their hands on a little part of space. The biggest obstacle to the continued growth of CubeSats is their limited in-space motion. But by harnessing 3D-printed rocket technology that fits within the CubeSat size and weight restrictions, CubeSats will be able to move around and complete bigger, better missions. It’s a small but important step towards solving a cosmic problem and enabling anyone to learn and explore amongst the stars.

About Britany

Britany Chamberlain is graduate student at Utah State University working on her master’s degree in aerospace engineering. She earned a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering with an aerospace emphasis and minor in business from USU in 2015. As a NASA Space Technology Research Fellow, her primary research is on hybrid rocket propulsion applications for small satellites. When she graduates, she wants to be involved in making space tourism a reality.

Britany is a member of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics and the Society of Women Engineers. She loves being involved in these organizations because they’ve given her opportunities to meet an endless stream of interesting people and to learn more than she could ever get from a classroom. Some of Britany’s favorite hobbies include snowboarding, camping, and attempting crafts and recipes she finds on Pinterest. She enjoys reading science fiction and high fantasy novels, and her favorite authors are Raymond E. Feist and Orson Scott Card.