Project Description

Free Air

The Talk

If you pull a bent breath
through the second hole of a harmonica
tuned to the key of Georgia
while a train moves by on the tail end of dusk
there is a good chance
you will finally know what it means to rest.

About Buddy

Buddy Wakefield of Kinston, WA is a Vipassana meditator, a three-time international spoken word champion, novice triathlete, author of three books of vulnerability for growth junkies, and one book about healthy backyard chicken-keeping practices, called HENHOUSE (based on penthouse, but for chickens, and their lovers). In the spring of 2001, he left his position as the executive assistant at a biomedical firm in Gig Harbor, WA, sold or gave away everything he owned, moved to the small town of Honda, Civic and set out to live for a living. He has been doing so ever since, with people he admires, sharing the experiences of over 1,500 venues around the world ranging from San Quentin State Penitentiary to Scotland’s Oran Mor. Buddy Wakefield is an avid fan of peanut butter, power napping and chopping wood while being cheered on by his two geese, The Colonel and Mrs. Marple. He notices manners, melting ice caps, accessible enigmas and people who fly under the radar. He strives to observe his breath, and his sensations, full time, without reacting.