Project Description

Embodied learning

The Talk

Through the immediacy of the sensing body and our own capacity to feel, we unravel the stories that want to be told. Everything substantial I have ever learned, I learned through being in my body. Embodiment as a sensual approach to feeling the world in and around me, falling in love with it, becoming curious and childlike with it. Embodiment also as a state of embrace in which one can journey through the landscapes of the body mind, and (re)discover the stories, memories, emotions stored and hidden in the deeper tissues of the body.  This discovery state is an embodied learning state in which transformation becomes possible.

About Camille

Camille’s work as a dancer and student of Yoga deeply informs her current research process in the field of ‘Embodied Learning’. Heavily rooted in a sensuous exploration of early embryological development, her explorations of somatic patterning serve as a stepping stone to develop embodied self-knowledge. More than an objectified research, her work rather lives in a continuous process of exploration, within the somatic field of human consciousness.