Project Description

Evidence and artifacts: facing autism

The Talk

1:88children in the United States; 1:47 children in Utah have an autism spectrum disorder. Evidence and Artifacts: Facing Autism heralds a significant truth. The causation of the autism epidemic is yet unknown, and even as the numbers grow exponentially, our collective response seems utterly inadequate. Autism is treatable. It may even be preventable. Finding answers is both a moral and financial imperative. there is strength in unity. The time is now.

About Christopher

Christopher M. Gauthier is an Assistant Professor of Art in Photography at Utah State University since 2008. Christopher is an actively exhibiting artist. His photography can be found in the permanent collections of the Mississippi Museum of Art; Webster University, The Netherlands; Koltsovo Airport, Yekaterinburg, Russian Federation and in private collections nationally and internationally. His most recent project, Evidence and Artifacts has stimulated dialogue about the impact of environmental insults on human health and development. Selections from Evidence and Artifacts: Facing Autism have been exhibited at Johns Hopkins University and for two consecutive years at the US Autism and Asperger Association World Conference. Autism advocacy became a personal imperative when he became aware of the link between his environmental concerns and his children’s autism. Christopher lives with his family in Logan, Utah.