Project Description

No more M in STEM

The Talk

In his talk, David Brown will introduce you to a friend of his, a regal and inspiring being whose tutelage has given him more chances to improve than all the self-help books in any bookstore—math. Math is misunderstood, and the root of this misunderstanding is unfortunately as deep as a dandelion’s and its effects are as insidious as racism or ignorance when they are given the power to adjudicate or direct policy. Dave will deliver a message that, if heeded, will change the shape of things to come in every facet of human life from culture to education.

About David

David Brown earned his PhD in Applied Mathematics from the University of Colorado Denver. Before the path to a doctorate in math, David majored in both Math and Philosophy and was a competitive bodybuilder who earned several titles in his teens and early twenties.

David 2

Now, David has aspirations of becoming a mathematician with skills sharp enough to contend with his colleagues here at USU and from afar, and to cut through the reservations, fears, doubts, and misconceptions his students have about math and their talents for it.