Project Description

Body, breath, release

The Talk

How can we diffuse conflict in personal relationships? How do we begin to find the ease and courage to open our heart to others? Finding release begins in the body with the simple act of paying attention. When we feel the physicality of our emotions, a sense of knowing arises. With each exhalation, we soften and release. As tension recedes, there is space for possibility. Dennise Gackstetter shares the story of how one small moment was the beginning that changed a relationship for the rest of her life.

About Dennise

A dedicated yogini and meditation practitioner, Dennise Gackstetter has practiced yoga for 30 years and meditation for more than 10. She is a 500 hour certified yoga instructor with the International Yoga Alliance, and has spent more than 60 days in silent retreat. Dennise is a lecturer in the Department of Art and Design at Utah State University, where she also serves as art education coordinator. She was awarded the Undergraduate Faculty Advisor of the Year Award for the Caine College of Art in 2011. She has an MA and MFA in ceramics, and a BS in art education. She is an accomplished ceramic sculptor whose artwork has been exhibited at several national venues. Believing that these practices have saved her on several occasions, Dennise weaves them into her daily life, where they directly and continuously influence her relationships, teaching, and art.

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