Project Description

Seeing the universe with new eyes, discoveries from the WISE telescope

The Talk

Brown Dwarfs, Galactic HotDOGS, Trojan Asteroids, Ultra-luminous Galaxies. These are not characters from a new space-fairing adventure movie, but actual objects in our universe seen with the new eyes of WISE.

About Dr. Lemon

As President of the USU Research Foundation (USURF) since May 2010, Dr. Lemon provides overall strategic guidance and leadership to the organization. The Foundation, home of the Space Dynamics Laboratory, has about 450 employees and conducts applied research, engineering development, and technology implementation for aerospace and defense customers. Dr. Lemon returned to USU in October 2008 to serve as director of the Space Dynamics Laboratory and served in the capacity until November of 2009. Prior to returning to USU, he served as a scientist, program manager, division director and Director of Strategic Planning at the U.S. Department of energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.