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To hold infinity in the palm of your hand

The Talk

From the early sculpting of our neural architecture, we are continually conditioned to perceive reality as composed of an endless multitude of distinct entities. We superficially speak of ecological “webs” or the evolutionary “tree of life,” not fully comprehending the complexity of relationships and circumstances that allow for the occurrence of seemingly “objective” events we seek to characterize through measurement. Inspired by the beautiful dialogue of “The Quantum and the Lotus,” Jarod Raithel will examine the interconnected nature of reality through an ecologist’s lens.

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About Jarod

Jarod Raithel is a PhD research fellow with the USU Ecology Center. He is currently examining how anthropogenic landscape transformation has shaped the behavior, spatial ecology and population dynamics of black bears across 30+ years along the eastern coast of the United States. He has had the privilege of contributing to a number of conservation efforts over the years, including quantifying cause-specific mortality of calf elk in the Blackfoot Valley, Montana; assessing the health of coral reefs on the Andaman Coast, Thailand; repatriating the Louisiana black bear; exploring wolf-deer predator prey dynamics in Southeast Alaska; and probing the evolution of sexual size dimorphism in extinct, massive, flightless ducks from the Hawaiian Islands. He has also spent seven years teaching science courses to 7th-12th graders throughout the country. Jarod is a certified PADI Divemaster, and he and his wife helped found the Koh Ra ecolodge in Khura Buri, Thailand in 2009. His greatest joy arises from watching his two small children—Bodhi and Sage—discover their world.